2 Year Olds
Age Horse Sire Sex
 2011 Alluvasudden RL Best Of Sudden mare details
 2011 Betcha Ima Pleasure Absolute Investment mare details
 2011 Big And Lazy Mr Big Zipper stallion details
 2011 Cadillac In Black Radical Rodder gelding details
 2011 Cant Touch This Stuff A Touch Of Sudden mare details
 2011 Cant Touch This Stuff A Touch Of Sudden mare details
 2011 Certified Lazy Lazy Loper gelding details
 2011 Envy Of The Town Mr Big Zipper stallion details
 2011 Forever Raisin Kane Maximun Zip mare details
 2011 Gimmie A Red Ferrari Cromed Out Mercedes Colt details
 2011 How Bout Tonite Radical Rodder gelding details
 2011 HS McDreamy A Dream Remembered stallion details
 2011 I Got Asset Blazing Hot mare details
 2011 Mercedes Rest Stop Cromed Out Mercedes mare details
 2011 Mercedes Wild Card Cromed Out Mercedes stallion details
 2011 O My Good Gracious Zippos Mr Good Bar mare details
 2011 Only In My Heart Diesel Only mare details
 2011 Princess To Die For Zippos Mr Good Bar mare details
 2011 Secretary Of State Presidential Order mare details
 2011 Shes A Custom Chic Custom Crome Filly details
 2011 Shes Good Shes Hot Born To Be Blazing mare details
 2011 Sleeping On Slow Carring On Big Time gelding details
 2011 Too Blazin Cool Blazing Hot gelding details
 2011 Touching Goodbar A Touch Of Sudden mare details
 2011 Who Whiz Tuff Who Whiz It stallion details
 2011 Zipped With Credit Mr Big Zipper mare details
 2014 Miss Gun Season2 Gunner Mare details
 2014 Prettiestchicintown Hollywoodtinseltown Mare details
 2014 Shiney Pocket Aces Shine Chic Shine Stallion details
 2015 Gunnshine Gunnatrashya Stallion details
 2015 JNS Electric Express Electric Code Filly details
 2015 Just Jane Magnum With A Dream Filly details
 2015 Lil Joker Cash Lil Joe Cash Stallion details
 2015 Lil Ruf Code Electric Code Filly details
 2015 Mobster Gold Gun HF Mobster Filly details
 2015 Ready N Willing Walla Walla Whiz Gelding details
 2015 Reining Guns Spooks Gotta Gun Filly details
 2015 Roo Jr MJ Roosters Gun Stallion details
 2015 Roobie MJ Roosters Gun Filly details
 2015 Rowdys Electric Bill Electric Code Stallion details
 2015 Sassy Son Ofa Gun Gunner Stallion details
 2015 Tinker With Gold Tinker With Guns Filly details